Contact Lenses

New to Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses can be easy to wear and fun for changing your look. However, contacts are a medical device, so it's important to have them properly fitted by an eye care professional. For this reason, we ensure that all new contact lens patients are trained in how to use and care for their contact lenses.

Each new contact lens wearer will undergo I&R (insert and remove) training classes here at the office where they must demonstrate the ability to put in and take out their contact lenses before they will be allowed to take them home. The fee for these classes is included in the cost of a new contact lens fitting, which is generally not covered by insurance and will vary based on which type of contact lens the doctor is fitting.

If you'd like to know more about contact lenses and fittings, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the office.

Order Contacts Online

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Contact Lens Price Request

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Prescription Release Form

Looking for your contact lens prescription? A recent FTC ruling requires patients to complete a form acknowledging receipt before we can release the prescription.

Interested in Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K is the fitting of specially-designed gas permeable contact lenses that you wear overnight. While you sleep, the lenses gently reshape the front surface of your eye (cornea) so you can see clearly in the morning after you wake up and remove the lenses. This specialty lens works best on low myopic patients and is not for everyone, however it can be especially beneficial for children as it can slow the rate of myopic progression. Dr. Elder is our ortho-k specialist and can work with patients of all ages. Ortho-k is generally not covered under insurance, but payment plans are available.

If you are interested in learning more, please click here for a more in-depth discussion of ortho-k or call us with any questions that you have. Our staff will be happy to discuss your options and recommend the best plan to give you optimal vision!

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